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If you believe it is ok to deny registered sex offenders human rights or U.S. Constitutional rights. If you do not believe registered sex offenders are denied their human and constitutional rights or if you are against free speech.
Please leave this web page now. Thank you.By remaining on this web page you here by acknowledge that you support human rights and United States constitutional rights for registered sex offenders and that you support freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is understood to be fundamental in a democracy. The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. It was adopted on December 15, 1791, as one of the ten amendments that comprise the Bill of Rights.

Here are some old blogs I have posted through out the years that all relate to the registration of sex offenders. Always remember republicans are famous for running campaigns against sex offenders; democrats are not. We can change all this by writing our representatives and voting and promoting the land of the free by supporting the best candidates.

This is from a web site I had back in 2002; most of it is as old as 1999. I have added a few things over the years but most of this text is about 10 years old. The links are mostly dead. I have done my best to edit names and such; since this is old news. Please forgive me for any typo’s I have made. I plan on adding more old text here and then editing it someday.

Bill of Rights and 8th Amendment Violations to sex offenders by State and the Federal Government of the United States of America

GA is at it again. This time he is using FS to get his internet bill passed. I hope the people will do everything they can to see GA and FS are not reelected. Check the GA page for more info.
Just watch as the political powers change from the right wing; violators of separation of church and state, to more modern freedom loving, believers in the Constitution, Americans, how more of this will take place. I would really like to see the people responsible for taking away the US Constitutional rights of Americans, jailed. If our great country continues to vote the way they do, we may just see that.


Sex-offender law rejected by U.S. court

Published: January 9, 2009

— A federal appeals court yesterday held that the federal civil commitment law for sex offenders was unconstitutional and that alleged victims of abuse at the hands of a former Somali official may sue him.

In a North Carolina case, a three-judge panel of the Richmond-based 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling by a federal judge in Raleigh that a provision of a 2006 federal law on civil commitment intruded on powers the Constitution reserves for states.

The federal law, like those in Virginia and many other states, permits sex offenders still believed to be dangerous to be civilly committed and held for treatment after their prison terms are over.

“The Constitution does not empower the federal government to confine a person solely because of asserted ‘sexual dangerousness’ when the Government need not allege (let alone prove) that this ‘dangerousness’ violates any federal law,” ruled the court.

If a guy tells you he deserves the unconstitutional treatment of a sex offender; lock him up, until when and if he snaps out of it. 

If you consider yourself so uncontrollably dangerous; that you need the type of inhuman treatment; offered by the Nazi, right wing, mixture of religion and politics, in our country’s government of the past. Then you need to be locked up, as soon as possible.

Hopefully this type of religious right wing rule over our precious country, will be but a vague memory of us all, never to be implemented again.

Do you think sex offenders having their constitutional rights taken away, effect every American? It does. Here is a example. WM  the king of low wage jobs in America has done it again.

In 2004 supposedly 2 sex offenders fondled children in a WM  store. Now if these sex offenders were on probation or parole and a child bumped into them, it is not uncommon for a probation officer or parole officer to accuse them of fondling a child.

So WM says because of this, supposedly, in 2004, required all employees to have a background checks. Now you can read about juvenal records being used to against people on the web, to get a job at WM . This is a example of how all those, even those that support the unconstitutional treatment sex offenders suffer together. So ironic, if you believe in irony, I believe in those 3 fingers pointing back at you.

I guaranty a large percentage of WM  employees have some kind of record. I am sure this is no mistake, and it is like I always say, every thing you do comes back to you. I hope things like this wake people up and cause them to vote Democrat. This is a trait that can be traced almost always back to the so called “Christian” right wing republican party. These people are worthless and weak and should be removed from all public office and charged with not observing separation of church and state, something our wise forefather’s saw necessary.

I found out that WM  automatically disqualifies you for employment if you have any sex offence record. They make you submit to a background check but have a special arrangement with the background check company to automatically disqualify and sex offences not matter what it is.
So boycott WM .

Your reward for finding a job in our country, (if you can find a job at all), is you have to go to the sheriff’s department and update your record. The sheriff’s department is located at the county jail. It is a complete nightmare to go there. Apparently you have seven days to do this to stay in compliance with the sex offender registry laws enforced in our country. I always say the difference between our country and other counties in Texas is; every law is enforced, to the letter, every last law. As you know I believe sex offender registration is all unconstitutional. Why is Texas the one of the most Unconstitutional States in our country? I believe it is because we are also one of the highest rates of people who are illiterate. Combine illiterates with nut case religious freaks that love controlling people, out comes 500 executed people, families torn apart and on and on, and on.

Supposedly, this is supposed to tell you what rules to follow to be in compliance with the our country strictly enforced sex offender registration rules.
go here: http://tlo2.tlc.state.tx.us/statutes/cr.toc.htm then here: CHAPTER 62. SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION PROGRAM on this page.

I want to know why people labeled as sex offenders in our country, are made to register even though their arrest and court hearing was before the law’s were made? That means the law is made retroactive. This against most any type of basic laws since our nation was born. Not to mention it is against the Texas constitution.

I found out recently, because of some great web sites that protest sex offender laws, that some states have banned new sex offender laws because it is unconstitutional  and because the laws are made to be retroactive.

Again thank you all for starting new web sites challenging the man; concerning Nazi like laws; that do not belong in the land of the free. As I have said many times on this page: you can copy any thing on this site and use it on any site you wish; as long as it goes towards trying to open the eyes of closed minded politicians and the media. I am glad to see many newspapers and such have seen the light and are trying to protest these oppressive laws where stalking and requiring a scarlet letter, is not only aloud but encouraged and thought of as a good thing. Much better to separate from this cruel and unusual punishment, than to join together with people who step on people to get ahead, ruining their life in the name of ratings or getting votes. Every thing you do to hurt other people needlessly will come back to you and in this case our very government. If you love America like me than act like it.


Two new stories I found recently:

This is the our country’s police web site’s against sex offenders. I do not know or believe, that the sheriff’s have any thing to do with this site. Read as much as you can! I do not think it is right to blame the police for this. The blame lies squarely on politicians and the media like MSNBC. Not to worry though, this is a democracy people! So, don’t forget to vote Democrat! Get involved in politics, right letters to your political leaders!It is horrific! This web site is designed to incite a riot against people labeled as sex offenders in our country. Over and over again it say things like; show pictures of people labeled as sex offenders to your children and explain to them they are dangerous to them. This could raise children to murder people labeled as sex offenders. Some these people labeled as sex offenders like many so called criminals in our country; could be innocent of the crime they go to jail for or served probation for and so on. You would not believe how many people are convicted or deferred, of crimes here in our country, that are innocent of those crimes. The court system is designed to intimidate people into conforming no matter what! For instance the new multi million dollar court house. This web site is full of lies. Lies like people labeled as sex offenders can commit any type of sex offence at any time. Lies like 50% of all people labeled as sex offenders will offend again. Lies and hysteria abound through out this web site. This web site is putting people’s lives in danger and should be shut down according to human right’s and constitutional right’s violations!

I was just watching MSMBC July, 05, 2008, 7:30am pacific time, and there was this brunet haired lady saying “all sex offenders will offend again, and we all know this“. Why is it always fat ugly woman, or woman in general that are the cruelest when it comes to this subject? I think they are all sex offence victims and need counseling. I am sorry, I like all woman, fat ugly woman too. I am not trying to be mean. This just seems to be true. Who is this woman? Is she a physiologist? I will tell you this, to just say something like that with no common knowledge at all on the subject, shows a huge lack of intelligence. This is absolutely not true. The real statistic would support that 97% of the time there is no second offence after someone is caught and has counseling. I have said this over and over again on this web site.

Usually a man and rarely a woman who commit a sex offence and are caught do not offend again. The shock and embarrassment of getting caught is all it takes to turn that person around not to offend again. We are not animals. People have the power to change and turn their lives around. You can not treat people like hopeless machines. You can not oppress the people of any country and think that will not contribute to the down fall of that country. History should teach that to any one. People who commit sex offences are people with friends and family and they have friends and family and so on and so on. It seems as though sex offences are more prevalent among religious people, even religious leaders. This should be a warning, not treat these people unfairly. This world is run by spiritual power and always has been. Things you can touch like tanks and missiles mean nothing compared to spiritual power. All civilizations have always known this. Our forefathers knew this, on July forth in 1776, and you better know this too, this July forth weekend 2008, before it is too late for all of us.

Now the subject of this sex offender bashing segment on MSMBC was a sex offence murder in VERMONT. I was not really listening at the time. I am sorry about such things and am not insensitive. It sounded like a disgusting, revolting crime. Lets take a good look at VERMONT. A large majority of people in VERMONT are half out of their minds. Emotions run high there. Emotions seem to drive politics and everything else. Drug and alcohol use is at a all time high there, I guaranty it. VERMONT is desolate. It is mostly woods, thick woods. Wasn’t it VERMONT or New Hampshire where that guy ran around to sex offenders homes, look up on the internet, and shot them? These people spend way too much time indoors! 10 months out of the year you do not want to leave the house. Snow covers their homes every year. I think the whole state needs counseling. Wake up VERMONT! You are not the only community that suffers from sex offenses. The entire world has suffered from sex ofenses and has from the beginning of time. It isn’t something new. You do not have to sensationalize it.
I am glad that people in communities every where are trying to catch sex offenders. I am totally on the side of law enforcements efforts in things like internet stings. I do not think it should keep law enforcement from investigating violent crimes, and all related to violent crime. I think if law enforcement concentrates too much on sex offence crimes it will make them soft and weak, unable to uphold the law. I think this is just what real criminals want.
I believe we need to pinpoint young people and reach them in a way to help counselors to find out if they have been molested. I heard recently that there was a spike in teenage girls committing suicide. I believe some on these could be staged by parents that have molested their daughters and do not want the death penalty. This sounds like a very tricky thing to talk to children by counselors. People do not want children to be offended by perverted talk or take their innocents away, by counseling. I am not a expert but if there is one thing I can not stand is people trying to help kids when they do not have healthy kids themselves. So stop your cry baby talk, VERMONT. You are just making things harder on every one when you cry like a baby. Keep those emotions down. I am not surprised you do not sentence heavily. You are great when it comes to freedom and the American way, like that. They are putting people to death down here in the south. When you all act, like you’re the only ones who have sex offences in your state, you cause people down here to die in prison. (see new newspaper article I have added today)

I am sorry Vermont I am telling you all for your own good. I am trying to help you. People who commit sex offences are not monster machines that never change, they are people like you and me who become confused for a moment in there lives and after counseling and talking about it, change forever. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. I am sure this can be backed up by the truth, not lies sold to us by the bias closed minded news media. I did a lot of hiking in Vermont as a kid. Being from New England we would drive there just to see the leafs in the fall. I can see why you are all emotional. Vermont is one of the most beautiful states in our country. I used to love to ski there when I was young. If you have skied anywhere in America you appreciate Vermont more than ever. It is very cheap to ski there and has some of the best skiing in the world. If you ski in places like California you would think you were paying to ski on gold, it is so expensive. Thinking of those hiking tripe when I was young, I can still see those beautiful silent rolling hills of thick trees, I guess it is one of those views, that is unforgettable, you take it with you all your life.

I will never forget MHMR in town. They were put in charge of the sex offender group case load. For those of you not in the State of Texas MHMR is the biggest so called mental health organization. Now I am not putting them down for helping special people. Like I have said someone has to help special folk. It unfathomable that a state run organization was put in charge of the sex offender case load. That is like putting the probation or parole officer in charge of psychotherapy, the out come is set for self destruct. Most probation or parole officers, not all, but most it seems like, that work around here are like Hitler themselves. I do not claim to be a doctor but sometimes all you need is common sense in life to see that people are being oppressed like slaves picking cotton with bloody hands. The 3 headed dragon put in charge of MHMR back then were the three headed monster, called Wayne, Tammy, and Donna. You where basically encouraged to lie every time you were in group. And if you actually believed in this redirect of lies, you would lie to yourself on a daily basis. Lying to your self is the very reason a person commit’s a sex offence in the first place. The polygamist in Texas right now are a good example of that. In other words lets say you had a date and you stated to kiss and you wanted to tell the 3 headed monster in group about it. Well instead of you saying you had consensual affections, you would have to say you forced your self on her. I mean this kind of thing went on constantly. Forced to lie constantly to please the 3 headed dragon. What stands out most about them was there inability to see the good in people.

This is the problem with most psycho therapist. They can not see the good in people because they refuse to except right from wrong. The problem with most physiotherapists is they chose that profession because of faults with them self’s. There is this one physiotherapist who gives speeches on legalizing prostitution. If you think things like that are right than how can you see right from wrong? How much more can we exploit woman in America? That is a whole other subject. I would like to rebuke the CMT music awards for the exploitation young woman. And if Hank Williams Senior or Roy Rogers could see CMT today they would roll over in there graves. What is wrong with CMT, that is not representing the south at all. If you were really representing the south you would all have jail uniforms on. That is extreme, but you see what I’m saying?

There was this one client in MHMR in town, that the 3 headed swamp creature, held in high regards. Out of about 100 clients they held this one person up, and claimed this was the one person they could trust. Torturing and condemning to prison the kindest and most gentlest, caring people. All the while holding this one guy up saying see this is how you should be. Well guess what? This was the one guy that police caught up to no good. This is a good example of what goes around comes around. Of course this example is the most extreme.

You can not fight wrong with wrong. You can not lie cheat and abuse people for good. I have said it before and I will say it again, the very fact that this problem seems to be mostly around religious people should be a warning to us all, not to be unfair. Every one that deserves it always get their back lashes, that is a fact of life. Look at all the governments, that have oppressed it’s people, and that lay in ruin today. I bet you Egypt would never think that we would walk over it’s toppled stone building. If we do not allow the Constitution of the United States to stand firm, we will go down the very path all those long lost governments have. I think we will fall fast and hard, because we have had it so good for so long. I think the economy is just the start. I think the economy should be a sign to us all that we are spending our money with evil intent. You can not keep spending money on the military and law enforcement and bankrupt people with student loans for instance. The new 2 plus million dollar court house here in our country, is a good example of that. Our police now a days are the same as military. No wonder you hear about the wrong person being shot so much. I do not think this madness will stop until we have no money as a government to spend. Say what you want about the Democrats, at least you can work with them. The republicans have mixed church and state. When you do that you are no better than any country that uses religion to oppress it’s people like the very people we are at war with now. Maybe that is why the republicans want to go to war with these people so bad. Maybe they see the bad in them as the very thing that is wrong with them. It is like I always say you can not help someone else until you help your self. It is not selfish to help yourself. When you help yourself you are helping others. We as a country must stop being so self destructive and do all we can to save this great country of ours. The freedoms and the legacy of freedoms that we are entrusted with to preserve.

We need more sex offender rights advocates. Think about it, sometimes the most extreme, or at least what politicians like Joe Dork would want you to think is the most extreme. I do not know a about you but that is one of the least loathsome of crimes, compared to violence and many other crimes that threaten our society today. Sometimes the people to stand up for, are the very people some leaders do not want you to stand up for. If it was not for people standing up against leaders for good, America would not be here. Write your senators and congress men, start a blog, do all you can. Maybe you might get a letter in the mail as proof you did something to help stop us from our path of self destruction.

Free speech in the United States of America was put into action by our fore fathers for one reason to give people the opportunity to raise a protest against the government and sadistic politicians. That is the whole idea behind this web site. I believe it is detrimental to our country to mistreat people and take away all of their constitutional rights. I am extreme sometimes, I even make guesses at why people would want to label people as hopelessly dangerous to people, when in 95% of the time this is simply not true at all.

Is it ok for the government and politicians to send people to prison and the death penalty making guesses about people?

The reason America is a oasis in the world is because of our fundamental freedoms. Take away that freedom and we will no longer be that oasis.
It is people that raise a protest against the government and politics that save this country and this has been true since the birth of America.

I may tone this site down someday. For now extreme times call for extreme protest. When I make guesses at why people would be so paranoid, that they would be so fearful of a person that commit’s a sex offence, they would destroy them and their family and their friends and their community. I make those guesses to enlighten others. To shed light on darkness should be the goal of any honest person.I do not believe in sexual addiction. I think any one can be overcome with lust. You can not over dose and die from too much sex. The problem is when the physiotherapist community try’s to come up with some new theory to try to get people addicted to psychotherapy. I do use the term sex addict but it is meant as a metaphor to show how a person can have a sexual problem and think it is normal. I will never forget around 1993 or so I was working with this old dude who seemed more like a college teacher than a laborer like my self at the time. I said “don’t you feel bad about heroin addicts? He said “ah their just a bunch of weaklings, any one can quit drugs.” I was a great revelation for me because I realized he was right. I realized the word addiction was highly overrated. Now drug addiction or alcohol addiction is something completely unknown to me. It seems to me if your body digests something over many years that your body can become addicted to something. That must be a awful experience. I will bet anything that, the old dude was speaking from experience. Concerning so called sexual addiction; like I have said over and over.

In a society that has so much emphasis on sexuality, it is easy to thing to practice deviant sexual behavior, and think it is normal. Once the person ho engages in this behavior realizes that this behavior has been destroying their life, they become over whelmed and quickly change. If this was a true addiction then there would be no way a person could change over night. If we where to lock up every person that has committed a sexual offence or was potentially able to commit a sexual offence, who would run the jail?

I have told you about psychoheresy.org before, and I suggest you go get yourself a real second opinion. Psychoheresy.org people are extreme Christians, but there message is as secular as anything else. They stand up to the world of power hungry psychology. They are a true gem of truth. So wake up America and stop putting your trust in a Godless philosophy of lies, before you destroy our great country of freedom! I repeat myself for the hundredth time; people would be better off with a minister from what ever religion they believe in, than a crazy physiotherapist! I do not know about you, but I do not know of any religion that teaches deviant sexual behavior is ok.

I believe allot of physiotherapists are mentally challenged looking for answers to there so called mental problem. I understand that there are special people and they need some one to help them in life. I believe this should be the job of physiology. Physiology has no business in the every day life’s of all people. Physiotherapists would love to be needed by every human, imagine the money and power that would give them.

I rate Texas Department of Public Safety a 0 on the scale of 0 to 10 for keeping the public safe. Texas Department of Nazi’s as I like to call them have decreed to all of Texas that they are going to put the place of employment of all sex offenders on their witch hunt web site. Pushing the envelope on cruel and unusual punishment in the United States of America. The economy is showing signs of a free government disappearing. Yet die hard sadistic agencies like Texas Department of Public Torturing are still going right against the constitution of The United States of America. When are governments going to learn you can not treat people bad and expect that it will not bring you down in the end. Look at the history of the world and all the governments that have failed because of the mistreatment of the people. When will we learn to obey what our fore fathers who where victims of ternary knew to be our only hope? I said it before and I will say it again every human on earth has committed a sex offence at one time in there life, or fantasized about it. What makes Americans think so much of themselves that they can justifies destroying other humans? I am again going to say to the police of our country to investigate all those who say all sex offenders should be in prison or dead. These people could be sex offenders.

Sex offenders can not find jobs as it is. If Texas Department of Public Hangings list where they work they will deliver a blow to capitalism and the economy. You may say the only way that can hurt someone if someone has something against someone. I do not know where you live but around our country we have way more mean people than nice people. You do not have to say or do any thing to get your self a good handful of enemies. Just one evil person can destroy any one on the Texas Department of Public human right violators web site. So vote democrat until the cows come home. Tell your friends to vote democrat. This is a Republican movement. I know democrats are winning around the country. Texas for the most part is still as right wing as ever.

I would love to see Texas Department of Public Safelessness sued someday. I would even like some of it’s leaders jailed for terrorizing Americans. If we turn the government around enough something like this could happen.

I had a friend who was in the Nam. He told me about how the North Vietnamese would come running at our solders in waves. They had attacked one time in so great a number that they gained control of one of the big cannons. They all tried as much as they could to turn that cannon on our guys. Finally in a push of might on the part of our army we gained control of that big cannon and turn it back on the enemy and that was all she wrote. That’s what we need to do in America. We need to gain control of our government again. We the People need to take charge of our government and take back our country and use it against them that have oppressed our communities for all this time.

January 2008 added new web page (bottom left) Civil Commitment Fascism
December 2008 I added two new pages to this web site:

I want to add some new links. As you all know I believe when we treat people like Jewish people in Nazi Germany we get a little closer to becoming Nazi Germany.

Here are the links:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Vkd_Zm-fCY&feature=related http://watch.org/

This link actually still works and for good reason. This video was shown to me by a great college professor I met at the college when I was attending their.

Since I am updating this site I think I would like to tell you a little story:
This person who is labeled as a sex offender (much like the Jewish people with the yellow star) got a job with UPS. Imagine that? It seems to be a miracle a person like this to get a job at all! So this person who actually had a good job, had to deliver a package to a elementary school. So like any good worker he did his job and delivered this package to the elementary school. The problem was that this person was on probation in our country, Texas. This person was revoked from his probation and is now in prison for this. You have to ask your self what you would do? When you are fortunate to have a job like this guy. Would you just not do it? Would you take a chance and not do it, which would most likely cause you to loose your job? Would you? Welcome to our country.

You want to talk about child sex abuse victims? Read this and follow the link to Amnesty International USA. This is on our border!

The U.S. Department of State cites Mexico as a source, transit, and destination country for trafficked persons for sexual exploitation and labor. A considerable number of these victims are children. Many of them, exploited by organized crimes, are forced to perform sexual and pornographic acts. The Mexican government’s estimate of child victims is as high as 20,000.

I would also like to bring to your attention that a private company have been profiting off of other people’s misery by listing sex offenders on their web site. If you are labeled as a sex offender that put you name in quotes and enter it in google and there you are. Sick, huh? These people should be sued, and charged and sent prison. I hope google does the right thing and refuses to list them. Until what goes around comes around, like it always does, I hope you all will boycott these purveyors of hate and narrow mindedness. Here is a link: I want to say that I agree with sting techniques of all kinds when it comes to sex offences. The only way to solve the sex offender problem is to arrest and convict as many people as possible. This will also cause people to think before they inflict cruel and unusual punishment on people. When it is your son or father that suffers from the torcher of a sex offence conviction it really makes you see things a lot clearer. If all rock stars and sports stars and the like, where convicted for there under age relationships, things would change too. Sting techniques like the one used on Senator L C are a excellent idea. I also agree with these techniques used on internet stalker types, and sex addicts. I do not believe that people should be sent perverted emails. If anyone would send anyone perverted emails they should be prosecuted for a sex offence or at least lewd behavior. I think it is a very thin line. I think it is a great idea to monitor chat rooms and stuff like that. I personally believe all porn pushers should be charged with sex offences. It goes unsaid about how I feel about any opportunity the police have to monitor any kind of illegal porn on the internet or where ever it may be found. I guaranty if you monitor people who visit adult book stores you will find many more Senator L C’s.

I must say I am impressed with the amount of news I am finding on the internet on people fighting against unconstitutional Sex Offender laws. Things keep up like this and I may have to take down this web site.

Then there is the new bazaar the Texas Senate has just past. First time sex offences get 25 years in prison and second time offenders get the death penalty. I believe this is for two main reasons:

Number 1 is:

The Republicans are loosing big time. Remember the slogan “It’s The Economy Stupid”. People are starting to wake up to that. More and more Americans are struggling, yet the rich keep getting richer and richer! I like what Hillary Clinton said “it is like trickle down economics, with out the trickle”. Bigger and more prisons and less schools. The difference between republicans and most other people is that they enforce laws no else would. So to do this they build more prisons. The war? I never considered it a war at all. It is more like a invasion. I am not against our military I am just being honest. It may have cost us the finest solders this country has ever had. When we went into Iraq we had the best military in the history of the world. If we don’t straighten up we will end up like the early 1970’s, a mess. I am not saying we did not do the right thing. I am glad we got Sadam Hussein. Desert storm was a war. We fought a army. We did not have to fight too much because they gave up, of which I a glad. I think when we got Sadam we should have left. I understand the military because I feel it too. It must become about revenge. Every solder that dies leads to those solders wanting revenge and so on. I really wish we stay out of the whole thing until a invasion, like Kuwait. You should never ever seek vengeance on your own. Vengeance has a way of finding it’s way on it’s own. The problem with the justice system is that people are being punished too much. People need to be punished. But when they suffer what is by all rights torture the justice system becomes responsible for that. Any how I am sure I have mentioned before on this page “ I am a American through and through”. When I was younger I used to fight dudes who talked bad about the USA. I guess I am still like that except from the scares I got from those stupid fights, I prefer to fight with the pen instead. The pen is mightier than the sword. I still think the republicans handled the military all wrong for the length of George W. Bushes term of office. They where heartless as it seems they always are. I believe unless we have democrats take over for a long time to come we may not be able to recover.

My point is the Republicans are so desperate for votes they are still pushing more and more unconstitutional sex offender laws as a last ditch effort to get votes. It is pitiful and sad if you think about it. Like I always say you reap what you so. Wide spread regret and embarrassment should be the agenda of the day for these people.

Number 2 is:

I believe the regret and embarrassment already suffered by republicans in Texas and Florida would be better served by sweeping the problem under the rug (so they think). The way republicans think they can sweep things under the rug are by doing things like bowering money instead of paying upfront. The strategy of the republican party seems to be to put things off till latter. The thing they do not take into account is that we live in a democratic society where people like them get voted out of office.

The republican party is dealing with their regret and embarrassment of their Nazi like treatment of sex offenders by giving them the death penalty and sending them to prison. In their minds “sweeping the problem under the rug”.
In reality every time we inflict cruel and unusual punishment on some one it will always come back to hurt us.

I have added two new people to the Kinky Friedman for pushing the death penalty for sex offences and Attorney General Jerry Brown for trying to create laws that are retroactive. Retroactive laws are against every thing or country has stood for and are not only unconstitutional but inhuman. Check it out on the new Animations page!

The Comics for this site are here now:

This is the web site they do not want you to see. Activism against our country Registered Sex Offenders data base and our country’s treatment of all human beings that have committed a sex offence in our country and any where else that humans are treated with less respect than a animal or a insect. Like parts of Florida, California, and Oklahoma, because it is always “parts” usually the heavily religious populations, where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Also check out :

Don’t be stupid: regarded as unintelligent: regarded as showing a lack of intelligence, perception, or common sense Please, if you do not like what you see on this web site, exit now. I do not mean to insult any one or make them mad. This site is for people that agree with what I say. I can not be held responsible for people that come to this site and are offended by it. There are people out there suffering and this is for those people and those who want to fight for these people’s human rights.

This is what it feels like to the people and families, and their friends, and the community, and everyone else, our country has all but destroyed:

Oh Yea and I am against the death penalty too!
And I am for the Constitutional rights of prisoners. If they are in Texas they are not getting that. See here: http://www.aclutx.org/ You know this link is great.
It goes beyond what the law does. It is like being put in a stockade in the middle of the town square. It is like having to wear the star of David where ever you go. It is like the scarlet letter. It is like being labeled a hopeless failure for the rest of your life. The fact of the matter is that it is even worse than that. Technology today is much more effective in destroying these people’s lives like never before. I think the ACLU should sue all these web sites that use state and federal web sites to promote their sites and even make money from them. As bazaar as it may seem the state seems to be protected by the law to have such sites. I think it is twisting the freedom of information laws to do this, not to mention the fact that these laws all manage to be made retro active which also should be illegal. There is no way these laws protect every one in making web site such as this. I do not know much, but I know that humans can change. To say a human is unable to change is just plan stupid and paranoid. I think the reason that sex offenders are made the scapegoat of our society is that most people in our society has taken drugs. It is a known fact that drugs make you paranoid. Paranoia seems to be the only explanation behind the ostracizing of human beings like the sex offence seems to be.

Anyone that knows me, knows I am against the death penalty I believe and have written comics about how the prison system is one big business. In fact it is the largest business in Texas today. Texas has more people in prison than any other state in the United States and any other country in the world. We put more people to death than any one else. Last time I check we put about 50 people to death in Texas that could have been innocent. I have said this many times and I believe it is true. One of the main reasons there is a death penalty is to save money. I am sure we all feel sorry for the torture chambers of America, that they do not have enough money to keep 2 million people in prison. When we should be turning them into colleges. Do you know there is more money spent on prisons in Texas than colleges?

If you are against the death penalty you should know that you are also a Civil Rights Advocate. More black people are put to death than any other race. Isn’t that grotesque? Really stop and think about that for about a minute or two. Ok now. Why do you think more black people are executed than any other race? Think about that for a minute. If that doesn’t make you want to throw up I do not know what would. I am sure the number one reason is that black people do not have enough money to properly defend themselves. I am also sure that it is true that black Americans are victims of persecution.

Then there are the mentally ill people that are executed. People say well they where not mentally ill when they committed there crime, now all of a sudden they say they are mentally ill. Well I tell you what you put most any one in our prisons and I believe with all my heart that mental illness of some type takes hold on that person almost immediately. People say when someone is raped in prison the entire population of prisoners are victims of that rape. I say even the guards are victims to and all of the prison system down to the parole officers and on. Do you think our entire society suffers from our twisted dependence on prisons to “solve” our problems? I think it is obvious that it does. We are letting our way of life to be dictated by our failure to care about each other. Kids today are being molded by prison theology. Oh and lets not ever forget about the countless children who have been executed in our country. We are always so ready to punish any one but the parents. If you are going to put people to death it should be the parents of that kid that killed someone. The parents of our country that stand judging everyone.. These are the people running every thing. Every time you point the finger at someone there are three pointing back at you. So parents unless you don’t want to be put to death than join my friends at National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and take a stand. I am trying to make a point. The whole thing is so out of proportion it is hard to explain with out seeing things a little bent yourself.

I ask of you this go to this web site: http://www.ncadp.org/ I still support these folks, they are the best. They find the people who are most likely to be innocent and list them separately for you to send emails for.

At least once a month I send letters to Governors through this web site. I am asking you to do the same please. I think this is one of those dominos. If we can stop the death penalty it can only lead to other human rights advances in America.

There was a statistic I heard of lately. The tabloid magazines make more money than the regular newspapers and the regular news media combined! Then you wonder why the News Media loves to focus on sex offenders. The news media only cares about ratings, that is their business.

Then why do politicians and police let the media influence what they do? I think it is as stupid as stupid can be. I only hope the Democrats can see through this and not let it influence them. I only say that because the Republicans have proven for many years that they do not.

I just finished two great animations. They are in Flash format. If you can view Flash on the web in your internet browser you should be able to view these on your home computer.

Feel free to print these and hand them out. Put your county’s name in them. Feel free to copy these comics to your web site, please link them to this site though.
The email for this web site is: joedorkmadein1999@yahoo.com . Feel free to use this. I may only check it once a month.

I have been thinking lately. I think all the time on how to prevent Sex Offenses. What is the cause? I could write a book. I have in emails and such. I have been thinking about woman. Woman get away with sexual addition. Think about it. Men think a woman with a sexual addiction is cool. Yet she is either a sex offender or a sex offender in the making. I think this problem is huge and could be one of the main reasons for the problem. Woman seem the most judgmental of sex offenses. I always say the people that are the most judgmental of this type of crime are the most likely to be sex offenders themselves. Interview sex offenders, I guaranty most of them where judgmental of sex offenders before they were arrested.

This is sick and wrong and it is all being done in the name of government here. No one seems to care or raise a objection. our country is as right wing as it gets. There are some offices that always have republicans in that spot because democrats never run against them. After years and years of Republican rule no one would dare. This is a dictator ship! I have often hoped the federal government would step in and put a stop to it. Maybe now that the democrats are in charge this may happen.

You have to understand more people get arrested here than any were in the United states. Some statistic rated us the highest suburban crime aria in the United States. You can get arrested here for laws they do not even enforce in most of the countrys. I believe even state laws are enforced here that are not enforced any where in Texas! It was not because we had more crime it was because we had more crimes reported, most of which were false. town, home of the new huge our country’s courts, was the last town in the USA to outlaw public hangings! They used to hang people for stealing a horse! Our County Jail has got to be the biggest in the country for the population here. I hate to say it but it seems as though our politicians and police here seem to have inherited the lust for hanging people. You know that stereo typical redneck that thinks nothing of locking up people for next to nothing and hanging half the population? There was this guy here they arrested for renting copies of VCR tapes to people and they wanted to give him 99 years in prison. I think the detective’s name was Darlene Jones this was back in 1999. But you see what I am trying to say. These people are out of control.

I have been a registered democrat for over 10 years. I have been rooting for the Democrats all this time. Where I live if you have a democrat bumper sticker on your car it will be vandalized. Just think about it they had slaves here in the 1960’s! Every once in a while a will see a truck with a rebel flag in it and all the passengers look like thugs. Every one knows they are Klu Klux Klan. People are too afraid to do anything about it. Fear is real high here. Repression is alive and well in our country, Texas. There are many stories like this here in our country, Texas. I have seen bumper stickers here that say if you vote democrat you are a terrorist! During voting time fall 2006, there where more cops every where than I have ever seen before! I think it was to intimidate people! I have written hundreds of letters to Congress and The Senators over the years. I hope the democrats change every thing! I hope all the people responsible for tapering with votes will be charged like the last presidential election! I hope that every illegal unlawful thing the right wing did will be changed and all them that made these unconstitutional laws will be punished to the fullest extent of the law! Like the patriot act and Social Security Reform!

Republicans have nothing to do with God, nor is God on their side! the only reason I am having to say this is because it is all over the news that they think the opposite.

You know how this will prove itself? That they have no God connection? They will become powerless for a long time to come, unless they learn from their mistakes, that seems very unlikely though. When you lie to yourself it is a hard habit to break. I know I been there. The Democrats are closer to God because they care more about every one not just a certain population of people. God is more on the side of the Democrats than the Republicans! Some body told me one time do not play with God! This is the best advice I ever got. The Republicans keep playing though. You know the old saying you play, you pay.

I would like to quote the movie that brings out the American in me, Saving Privet Ryan: “If God be for us, who can be against us“.
go here to vote to impeach President Bush http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/10562904/ I will upload a cool jpeg that shows 87% of America wants to impeach Bush.Also check this page out: http://www.democrats.com/We got them on the ropes, now lets go for the knock out!

Republicans will suffer for having offending God. I believe we where all (America) a second away from destruction because of the republican dictatorship. By Gods grace we now have the democrats with more of a pull. We are all responsible for our country. We will make it or break it. It is up to us. With out freedom and human right we are doomed.

Every day we suffer under these tyrannical politicians and probationers. Since 1999 we have been basically held captive here in our country. We are not from here. I have always thought that this is one of the reasons we seem to be suffering the strictest of the abused law here. We will not leave until I am released, that seems to be the right thing to do. It seems that they are threatening to keep me here 20 years. This is insane and illegal in every way. Imagine what it is like to be tortured by crooked, lawless, law here since 1995 that is nearly 12 years. Needless to say it has taken a toll on us physically. Sometimes I think we are racing towards death because of these backwards closed minded people with absolute power over us.

We need a good lawyers here. Obviously lawyers around here are not going to help.

I am sorry I said that. One thing we have allot of is lawyers. Many lawyers around here are helping to change things. Many people in the system are helping to change things. The good thing about people in the system is they see first hand the suffering of people. It is only natural for the whole thing eventual to turn on the people causing the problem. There are allot of good people in Texas. I really like Austin. I have been there many time and the people are really nice. Any one in Texas will tell you that our country is a bad place to live. That could change some day. If I can help that happen then I am doing the right thing. If you are going to fight and you are right, you will prevail one way or the other. All I know is every time I work on this web site I sleep extra good that night. We better wake up before one day our dream of freedom is gone for ever and all we have left is sad reminders for ever. Do you think this is what our reminders wanted as our future? This is cruel and unusual punishment if there ever was. If you do not see that then you are lying to your self. If you lie to yourself you are cursing yourself and every one you work together with. So snap out of it. I am saying this because I care. You should too. People tried to warn me not to move here when I was living near Austin, Texas. I will regret not listening to them for all my life.

I recently saw a ad on the e channel. It was called online nightmares. It made it seem as though you are a victim for using the internet. The rednecks around here love that kind of thing. Oh the internet it is the devil. If you can not handle watching TV you can not handle being on the internet. To say you are a victim of the internet just by using it is to say you are a victim of your television every time some perverted commercial comes on that should be banned by the FCC “e channel”. It’s called just change the channel. I was on the internet in 1995 and it was a whole different story. You happened upon (P word) then. Now a days things are allot better. It is easier to avoid (P word) all together. I think most all of the big players are against (P word) on the internet. I hope someday the only way to view (P word) will be with a credit card. Until then in my opinion all children should not be aloud on the internet, I thing you should have to be 21 to go on the internet. You got to bring your kids up right people. If they do not turn out right it is your fault. I think if your kid gets molested or abused in any way you should go to jail! Parents today want to leave their kids alone forever for money. So they buy them a computer. Children need constant attention and positive reinforcement. If you are not up to having kids don’t have them. If you have kids and there is a slightest bit of bad signs you need to call in a professional before it gets worse. There is know time when you are a kid. Everything is one minute to the next. Hey I never had kids, so I do not want to preach on that too much, at least I had enough since to avoid having children. I chose not to have any because it would be beyond my means. You got to give me that much. And as for responsible adults just watch yourself and you will be alright. You don’t walk down the street saying beat me u someone do ya? I mean as long as you do the right thing you will be fine. If you can not control your self in society maybe you should commit your self to a mental hospital. I am not trying to be mean I am trying to make a point. Act like a responsible adult. I will say this I am sick of spam. I have a spam button and I keep hitting it and it just keeps coming. You have to understand I should not get spam. All my bulk mail goes directly to the trash I never know it even arrived. Every thing that is possible for me not to get spam is on concerning my email. If I get a spam it has to be directly sent to me and go through all the hoops to do so. Also I have about 500 spammers blocked from sending me spam. I have had a idea lately. Maybe you can take a screen shot of it (some of them I do not want to open) and send it to the administrator of you email company. Do not be afraid. Everyone is into fear. The media loves it and capitalizes on it. What ever happened to we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Do your self’s a favor do not watch the news. I stopped watching the news in the early 1990’s and have been netter off ever since. Just read the news, until maybe someday the media gets the message and starts caring enough to stop manipulating people for money. I swear if I see one more alcohol commercial about a how you become more sexy or cool if you drink, when this is not true at all. I mean I should talk. I have conditioned myself to get what ever it is I need done and log off. I have been that way for so long now I am running into trouble because of it. I have this class and the teacher uses the internet more than any teacher I have known. She never hands out any info at all on paper. She says she is trying to save a tree. The problem is this is also the most structured class I have ever taken. Every last thing we do is dictated from her web site or email. Her web site is so complex I can not make hide nor hare of it. Since I am conditioned to do my internet business quickly it is hurting my grade badly. For example a bibliography was do and it was to be turned in MLA format. I had know idea how to do this. She said look it up on the internet. So I did during my class. I could not find any thing at all. I finally got my hands on a paper that was done in MLA format and modeled it to mine. That wasn’t it. Latter in class she showed everyone how to do find it on her site. She went from link to link till she found a site that helped you format. My point is it took too long and since I am a quick internet user I would have never found it, even if I knew where the first link was. Why am I like this and I am sure there are others out there that are the same way. It is because of people prejudice against the internet. So many people are like this in our closed minded society it makes it seem like it is wrong to use the internet. I have learned ten times more about the world, history, politics, math, science, social studies, on the internet, than I have in all my 20 years of school in my life (county through high school and 6 years of college). There is such a wealth of positive information it seems to good to be true. I hope that the (P word) people and the ID theft people realize this and even though like I said it so small in number it seems almost microscopic compared to the total population of all the people who use the internet. But thanks to the media and people like the e channel it seems you should be afraid to use the internet and if you do it could turn into a night mare. Oh and what about mail? I use the internet to email my senator. I was using snail mail for along time. Then that anthrax thing was going on and all the letters I sent to Washington DC where being sent back to me. Can you imagine how I felt? What if one of my letters where infected? I think the internet should be considered freedom of speech and press and should be a right of every American to use it. It is time all the people wake up and do every thing they can to preserve this precious learning tool, before it is too late.

* I had to say the (P word) so I would not get scrubbed badly. Amazing how stupid the internet still is. Any way you can find this site by entering joedorkmadein1999 in Yahoo.

I am sorry, sorry, sorry to any one I have offended. I will make it up to all of you if it takes me my whole life. I have southern pride. I will not deny it. I love the south. I love the south so much I made this web site and joined up with the ACLU. I love the little people of our country. This is for all the poor people and the once poor people of our country. And even the middle class that seems to be all but gone thanks to the right wingers. The south is made up of poor people who are not guilty of nothing but trying to live a honest life. Living in fear of a legal system that is designed to care about the wealthy only. I see the system trying to wipe out the very people that make up the south. I am a firm believer that we make our country what it is. I do believe that there are fixed elections and they will be punished someday. Voters need to turn out in such numbers that it would be obvious that people have had enough of the same old, same old. I do not think that every dude that has a rebel flag on their truck is with the KKK either. I think that some people think it is to show southern pride. As a kid I loved that flag too. I have come to realize though that, that flag stood for slavery and war. If you really look at it that way you can see that needs to stay in the past where it belongs! You know what I say the past is the past and only evil would bring it up in your face and say, “see this is who you are!” Kind of like how people say a sex offender is there past. If you can teach a animal to change people sure can change. Of course I believe people should pay for their crimes. In my opinion if you have been on probation in the past 10 years you have paid for your crimes a million times over. Two years on probation is all any human should have to succumb to. I know I have said society is effected by the inhuman laws on sex offences.. You know I have been thinking the police, parole, and probation people must feel this type of repression effecting their lives as well. Two wrongs do not make a right!

Updated Friday, February 2nd, by: the dork

I just got done watching Roman Polanski’s newest film Oliver Twist. Something for the children hey Polanski? Something for the children indeed! I hope if the end does not come soon, that the children will look back on the past 10 years and say “how could people treat sex offenders this way. Let me just say I think it is wrong to label any one a sex offender, but it is necessary for this web site for me to use these two words to describe a human being. I am sorry to refer to any one as a sex offender. Someday I hope there will be another term. Actually how can you put any label on someone who only committed in most cases one offence, and learned from that offence.

If you are a sex offender or have a family member accused of a sex offence. Maybe you have a friend that has been taken from you from being charged with a sex offence. I say taken from you because, pretty much if your friend or even someone you look up to is taken from you (killed), for being charged with a sex offence. Lets face when a human is charged with a sex offence they are now as good as dead. Just ask the people that have to go to motor vehicle department (department of public safety – Texas) and pay for a new license every year ON THEIR BIRTHDAY so that a new photo of them will be posted on the internet. Department of public safety ? It should be called department of public Nazism! Department of public safety ? I wonder how safe is someone when they have their picture up on the internet labeling them a sex offender. You know the sad thing I believe that no oppressive act to another human goes unpunished. What does that mean to all of us. It is not good. Is it never to late to stop? I do not think so. It is fortunate for us all that God is patient. Look how many religious people get caught up in a sexual addiction. It is because it is so easy to keep a secret. There is no hard and fast rule on why someone commit’s a sex offence. How about the womanizer or the nymphomaniac? They are not exactly in secret. If so many religious people are charged with sex offences? Don’t you think we better be careful how we treat these people? After all what if God punishes us for taking away every human right they have? Even the stupidest could see that. I remember this comedian one time was saying how if he where in prison he would rather be raped than stabbed. Putting so much focus on sex offences can only take away from the seriousness of other crimes like assault, drug abuse, or murder. People say drug abuse is not a violent crime. If you abuse your self with anything you abuse the ones you love and every one around you. It is always those society looks up to the most that abuse themselves. Is there a connection? It seems obvious to me.

That brings me back to Roman Polanski. If you have the burden of being labeled a sex offender in the past ten years. Think of it this way. Do you have any idea how many famous people at the top of their carriers have committed sex offences? You are in the company of the greatest humans that have ever lived. Roman Polanski is the greatest director alive today. He did such a good job on The Pianist didn’t he? I know he is a holocaust survivor. I bow before him for that. You know what I think though? I think he did such a good job on the pianist because he is a sex offender. Only a sex offender can really relate to what it was like to be a Jew in the holocaust, today. Have you ever heard the story? Why on earth wasn’t the mother charged with something? Sure honey go on of to the directors house at night for a hot tub party. Why more parents are not charged for their under age children being victims. We may never know. Famous people seem to draw out of society under age problem children from problem families. Think about it if you’re a child and are considering having sex with a adult there has got to be something not right about you. I do not know about you all but when I was thirteen I was blown away by other 13 year olds not old people. Again we are back to the parents and their evil role in all of this. You know they are the very ones pushing for the death penalty for such crimes. It is a circle the accusers and overly judgmental are usually secret addicts of the very crime they are so readily available to condemn as death penalty worthy, or life in prison which is worse. I would like to see any one of these people spend a year in prison and watch how fast they have a complete mental breakdown and their whole life destroyed. Actually I would not wish that on anyone. I think if you so mush WISH someone would go to prison, you should be sent to prison. Yet that seems to be the normal way to think in our country, and the else where in the land of the free. I am not a communist or a mixer of religion and politics like the genocide maniacs in Africa. I am a full blooded American and every word on this web site is a triumphant proclamation of that. And all lovers of freedom from oppressive governments where ever they are in the world. What ever happened to peace love and understanding? We are living in the time of the peace movement that have come to age. I used to pray as a kid growing up in the sixties and seventies with beautiful music in every breath we took. I used to pray Lord just let me live long enough to see these people take charge. You know what I think? If there any of them that made it that far they are democrats not republicans.

I have always said the justice system is not going forward, it is going backward. Like the hangings of black people in Dallas, Texas in the 1950s. Like the witch hunts of the early settlers. Like the crusades. Like the coliseums of the Roman Empire. How does it feel? Well what are you waiting for go sign up with the ACLU, and register yourself as a demarcate. Get on the phone with who ever is your representative republican or democrat and tell them to be fair and a advocate for human rights, not the other way around.

If we wanted to be fare we would have to arrest most every rock musician that ever lived. Elvis Presley was a world wide known sex offender. Every one knew that Pricilla was under age. Elvis left us all with the greatest present any one could give. A seeming less unending amount of entertainment. Something to take our minds off the tortures of living under right wing dictatorship that say people like Elvis should be given the death penalty. It is common knowledge that Jimmy Page was seeing a thirteen year old. Jimmy Page the greatest guitarist who ever lived. Literally worked magic in concert after concert. Clearly this man had reached a level of spiritual and consciousness that few humans have in the history of the world. The list goes on and on. I am sad to here about Pete Townsend of the who recently. Personally I have made a point of picking up some of The Who CD’s just to be reminded how heartless our society has become. I hope you will too.

Court appointed stogies who call themselves therapists are free to adopt any theory they please to affect our society. So here is a theory I had once. I consider sex to be a beautiful sign of love if it is in the context of holy matrimony. If sex is love than isn’t a sex offence a misplaced act of love. If this is true how hard do you think it is to turn this person around?

Here’s to you Roman Polanski. I for one will always see your movies. Here’s to you Roman Polanski because you are Oliver Twist. It takes one to know one. May our bothers and sisters live long and prosper and shelter us, from our would be destroyers. And may we go on to leave a seemingly unending amount of art to bless the world forever. , the dork

I here by set forth this decree, from this day forth. As the creator and author of this web site. All those who wish may copy this entire web site and locate it some where else on the internet for safety sake. All I ask is it be copied in it’s entirety and not taken out of context. This may be done as many times as any one would see fit. I would also appreciate if it could be change to other languages. Thank you, The Dork

And always remember if you do not like what you are watching or reading change the channel. In fact as the author of this web site and all of it’s content I ask you formally if you do not like this site than please leave and never return. And in the words of Eric Clapton, and others, may you reap what you sew.

The Joe Dork webs sites concern the fact that the constitutional rights as well as any decent idea of human rights are taken away from human beings that are all equal meant to live out their live on this planet struggling like all of us. Except they go through life with a yoke around their necks with a star of David on their back and a scarlet letter on their chest. And in cases like living in the former slave country of the Dallas Metroplex, a chain that is attached to them on one end and the prison or death row on the other. You treat people like this and no matter who you are you will reap what you sew in the end. If you are a citizen in this country you are effected by this. Maybe a friend or the ultimate a family member. Maybe a friend of a friend. You probable do not even know if people around you are suffering with this oppression because these types of things are not even mentioned. It is there no matter what. What is the answer? I say we need to reach out to every one. I think their should be television shows dedicated to help prevent this type of crime. If we arrested every one that committed some type of sex offence (or fantasized about it) in our country there would not be any one to run the prisons. Sex offences like peeping toms can lead to rapist. In the rock festival of Woodstock and the like nude people exposed themselves on film in front of thousands of people. Did you know that exposing your self turns to a addiction that can lead to the offender exposing themselves thousands of times to people?Because Joe Dork is such a strong subject for week minded people that do not understand the reason they hate so much is because they are the ones with the problem not the people they hate!

My main reason for sending this addition to this post is the psycho-therapist in the our country. These people are like insane Nazis. I do not know what it is but when you give psycho-therapist�s the same power as a police officer they turn into �Adolf Hitler�. I think to begin with psycho-therapist�s are not normal. Usually these type of people enter the field because they are the ones with the mental problem. For some reason our right wing political system has decided it would be a right idea to put Nazi-psycho-therapist�s in charge of sex offenders.

What is wrong with every one? The day we hand over our country to psycho-therapists is the day we all go coo coo. Most of them are drug pushers too. I mean it comes with the territory. Is that why our political system likes them? We all know how detached the right wing politicians of Texas and where ever you are from are. Yea drugs are the answer. Drugs with side effects like possible death? I think when you are coo coo that would not matter any way. When you take away people�s freedoms than you take away our country. I do not even want to know what comes after that. Thanks for reading, The Dork

I must say I am impressed with the amount of news I am finding on the internet on people fighting again st unconstitutional Sex Offender laws. Things keep up like this and I may have to take down this web site.

Then there is the new bazaar the Texas Senate has just past. First time sex offences get 25 years in prison and second time offenders get the death penalty. I believe this is for two main reasons:

Number 1 is:

The Republicans are loosing big time. Remember the slogan �It�s The Economy Stupid�. People are starting to wake up to that. More and more Americans are struggling, yet the rich keep getting richer and richer! I like what Hillary Clinton said �it is like trickle down economics, with out the trickle�. Bigger and more prisons and less schools. The difference between republicans and most other people is that they enforce laws no else would. So to do this they build more prisons. The war? I never considered it a war at all. It is more like a invasion. I am not against our military I am just being honest. It may have cost us the finest solders this country has ever had. When we went into Iraq we had the best military in the history of the world. If we don�t straighten up we will end up like the early 1970�s, a mess. I am not saying we did not do the right thing. I am glad we got Sadam Hussein. Desert storm was a war. We fought a army. We did not have to fight too much because they gave up, of which I a glad. I think when we got Sadam we should have left. I understand the military because I feel it too. It must become about revenge. Every solder that dies leads to those solders wanting revenge and so on. I really wish we stay out of the whole thing until a invasion, like Kuwait. You should never ever seek vengeance on your own. Vengeance has a way of finding it�s way on it�s own. The problem with the justice system is that people are being punished too much. People need to be punished. But when they suffer what is by all rights torture the justice system becomes responsible for that. Any how I am sure I have mentioned before on this page. I am a American through and through. If I where in a communist country or a dictatorship I would not be able to make a web site like this. When I was younger I used to fight dudes who talked bad about the USA. I guess I am still like that except from the scares I got from those stupid fights, I prefer to fight with the pen instead. The pen is mightier than the sword. I still think the republicans handled the military all wrong for the length of George W. Bushes term of office. They where heartless as it seems they always are. I believe unless we have democrats take over for a long time to come we may not be able to recover.

My point is the Republicans are so desperate for votes they are still pushing more and more unconstitutional sex offender laws as a last ditch effort to get votes. It is pitiful and sad if you think about it. Like I always say you reap what you so. Wide spread regret and embarrassment should be the agenda of the day for these people.

Number 2 is:

I believe the regret and embarrassment already suffered by republicans in Texas and Florida would be better served by sweeping the problem under the rug (so they think). The way republicans think they can sweep things under the rug are by doing things like bowering money instead of paying upfront. The strategy of the republican party seems to be to put things off till latter. The thing they do not take into account is that we live in a democratic society where people like them get voted out of office.

The republican party is dealing with their regret and embarrassment of their Nazi like treatment of sex offenders by giving them the death penalty and sending them to prison. In their minds sweeping the problem under the rug

In reality every time we inflict cruel and unusual punishment on some one it will always come back to hurt us.

Every time we take someone’s Constitutional right’s way we take all of our constitutional rights away.

You must realize; it’s not just people labeled as sex offenders rights that are at stake, it’s every American citizens right’s.
 February 20, 2009


From Dallas Morning News
Bill targeting online predators calls for Texas sex offenders to report e-mail addresses, numbers
07:08 AM CST on Friday, February 20, 2009
By EMILY RAMSHAW / The Dallas Morning News

AUSTIN – Registering as a sex offender has made it hard enough for Marc P. to have anything resembling a normal life.

The Dallas County man, who received deferred adjudication more than a decade ago for having sex with a 14-year-old when he was 18, has his address and photo on file for the world to see – not a selling point, he says, for potential employers, landlords or girlfriends.

Also Online
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Now, Texas lawmakers want Marc and other registered sex offenders to also report their e-mail addresses, cellphone numbers and online screen names to the state, and to give social networking sites permission to boot them offline. Unlike the information sex offenders currently must report, this data would not be available to the public.

Supporters say that will crack down on online predators and help local authorities keep track of registered sex offenders.

“The dangers children face online are very real,” GAsaid Thursday, appearing with U.S. Sen. John Cornyn and U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith, R-San Antonio, to tout new efforts to crack down on online sexual predators. “These are common-sense changes to ensure our efforts keep up with the ever-changing technology these predators are using.”

But opponents say the legislation would add another layer of data to a state sex offender database that already contains too many inaccuracies. And it would make it even harder for sex offenders who have served their time to participate in modern society. To Marc, now 33, it’s simply a higher price than he should have to pay for a one-time mistake.

“What’s next, a chip in my brain? A scarlet letter?” asked Marc, who lives with his parents, is attending junior college and feels such a strong stigma against sex offenders that he asked that his last name not be used. “Are they going to look me up on dating Web sites? Check out my Facebook page? Now I’m going to be punished for being computer literate.”

Texas’ current registry requires sex offenders to report their address, birth date, height, weight and race to local authorities, and to keep an up-to-date photo on file. This information is available to the public on searchable Web sites.

The proposed bill would make it a state jail felony not to also register e-mail addresses, cellphone numbers and other online identifiers, such as screen names and social networking monikers, with the state.

The data would be provided to social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook so they could pre-screen their customers and, if they choose, refuse service to sex offenders.

The bill, sponsored by FS, R-Plano, and Rep. AP, DE, would also ban the highest-risk sex offenders on probation or parole from using the Internet to view pornography, which supporters say could be a gateway to committing sex crimes.

The bill is a response to growing concerns that sex offenders are using new technology to prey on children online – fears fueled by reality TV series like Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator.” A and S cited recent reports that there are 90,000 registered sex offenders with MySpace profiles.
“Our children, our grandchildren, they’re all on the Internet,” S said. “There’s got to be a structure in place to prevent convicted sex offenders from being all over these sites.”

State officials routinely site statistics that one in five children between 10 and 17 have received a sexual solicitation online, but a recent Harvard University study found that the overwhelming majority of these solicitations are from other teens or their peers – not adults.

Critics of the proposed expansion of the database also note that the registration system, which contains information on nearly 50,000 Texans, is already riddled with errors and omissions. A 2006 Dallas Morning News review of the registry found it was highly inaccurate: Roughly half of North Texas sex offenders could not be located, and one in six were living somewhere other than their registered addresses.

“We need to take a deliberate look at where the system is failing, as opposed to making all these little additions to it,” said Annette Burrhus-Clay, executive director of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault. “While it seems like a good idea on the surface, I’m not sure this brings us any closer to the safe communities we want to have.”

If the goal is safe communities, human-rights advocates say, convicted sex offenders are far less likely to commit new crimes if they can successfully re-enter the community. Finding safe housing and a good job often requires Internet access, social networking sites and e-mail accounts – all things sex offenders may shy from if they’re burdened with registration requirements.

“If we make it so that people just don’t want to have online identifiers, it’s going to make it even more difficult for them to conduct job searches, to respond to e-mail inquiries about housing,” said Sarah Tofte, a researcher with Human Rights Watch. “It will make it next to impossible for them to try to establish some stability in their lives.”



Free Speech Violation proposed by: Texas Politian’s



Texas Politian’s is suggesting : that sex offenders should be required to submit additional information with the Department of Public safety, including their e-mail address, online screen names, and social networking accounts. A has also called for cell phone number registration.

This is a clear violation of Free Speech. It is the right of every American citizen to disagree with what the government says and to raise a protest against it, under the Constitution of the our United States. People with the unconstitutional label of Sex Offender (cruel and unusual punishment) would loose their right to freely protest against our government without being in the direct eye of them who they disagree with causing them to suffer even more prejudice in the eyes of our government they care enough about to protest against. This would also constitute illegal spying on the public. When we are no longer a free and right nation, when we no longer hold to the values of our founding fathers, and negate the constitution; we will be completely vulnerable to our enemies that wait in the wings to destroy us.

The American Civil Liberties Union opposes the plan.
“Limiting the free speech of sex offenders and invasive information requirements give a false sense of security, but provide little in actual public safety improvement,” said Matthew Simpson with ACLU.

Texas Attorney General Greg A Violates Separation Church And State
Registered sex offenders run for office? I wish!
This is just one more Un- American thing about sex offender registration!

Stand with Survivors of Sexual Assault


Tell your Senators: Stand with
survivors to prevent sexual assault in the military.


Fox News host Andrea Tantaros attacked MSNBC for
covering the Senate’s hearing last week on the scourge of tens of thousands of
sexual assaults in the military. She said, “What baffles me though is the way
they prioritize these issues… Why is MSNBC devoting so much time to this

Why? Maybe we should instead be asking why isn’t
everyone trying to fix this egregious injustice?

Tell your Senators: Stand strong for survivors of sexual assault
in the military.

Sexual assault and sexual harassment have been
persistent problems in the military for decades. As soon as tomorrow, Congress
will have the opportunity to do something about it, as members of the Senate
Armed Services Committee begin making changes to the National Defense
Authorization Act for fiscal year 2014. They can do the right thing by improving
the military justice system in ways that will deter perpetrators and send a
strong message that sexual assault will not be tolerated. This can be
accomplished by moving decision-making on whether and how to prosecute serious
offenses like sexual assault out of the chain of command — and by giving
decisions to prosecute to trained, experienced military prosecutors, creating a
specialized office to convene courts and appoint judges and juries, and
prohibiting commanders from overturning guilty verdicts.

Separating military justice decision-making from the chain of command will put decision-making into the hands of those who have legal expertise and make it possible for commanders to concentrate on the areas in which they have expertise, including improving the climate in their commands to prevent sexual assault.

It’s time to fix this broken system. Take action and stand up for
survivors of sexual assault in the military.

Congress has a responsibility to members of the military and survivors everywhere to ensure that perpetrators of sexual assault are held accountable for their actions and not allowed back into the ranks. We must work together to make sure that happens.

Also see this blog I posted on Jun 5, 2013 Pledge – Military Survivors of Sexual Assault

        Pledge – Military Survivors of Sexual Assault Deserve Justice

           Click here to Sign our pledge and help fight to bring justice to these survivors.

Under current military rules, survivors of sexual assault must turn to the chain of command to secure justice. These commanders do not have the legal expertise to make such critical decisions as whether or not to pursue and punish sex offenders. For a more just system that will engender confidence in victims and deter offenders, serious circumstances like sexual assault should be handled by experts outside the chain of command.

I pledge to help bring justice to survivors of sexual assault in the military. 

Click here to Sign our pledge and help fight to bring justice to these survivors.

Also check out this blog I wrote for more info on sex offences: Click Here

Recently, a shocking Department of Defense report showed that the estimated number of sexual assaults in the military dramatically increased to a record 26,000 last year. Tragically, only a small number of these crimes were ever reported, let alone brought to trial.

Survivors of these vicious crimes are scared to come forward because they doubt that the military and its criminal justice system will protect them and punish the perpetrators. It is no secret why. A full 62 percent of those who reported a sexual assault felt they were then victims again when they were retaliated against. Moreover, senior military officers with no legal training have the power to decide whether a case goes to trial, or even to throw out a military judge or jury’s verdict.

Our service men and women deserve better.

Join Senators Begich, Blumenthal, Boxer, Coons, Franken, Gillibrand, Pryor, and Shaheen now in putting an end to this injustice by becoming a citizen cosponsor of the Military Justice Improvement Act today.

Together we must ensure that decisions about whether to prosecute sexual assault cases are made by independent prosecutors, not senior commanders. Together, we must ensure that commanders can no longer unilaterally overturn a verdict rendered in military court. Together we can — and we will — do right by our service men and women.

Stand with Victims of Military Sexual Assault:
Add your name to join the fight to fix the military’s
response to sexual assaults.

Freedom of Information Act (United States)


1] It was originally signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson, despite his misgivings,[2] on July 4, 1966 as 5 U.S.C. § 552 and went into effect the following year.[3]

I know on thing for sure that Lyndon B. Johnson would have never signed it into law knowing that someday people’s personal information would all be published world wide on the internet. It should be illegal to do that. You should have to go to the court house to get that stuff just like it was intended to be in 1966.

Think about it.

All of this must be relatable to having your personal information on display on the internet described in conjunction with a criminal offence.

Consider what it must be like for people to have their photos and personal information posted on the internet in relation to a criminal offence.

Like being put on display in the center of town?

This describes being put in a pillory:

This involved a variety of methods, most often placing a criminal in the center of town and having the local populace enact a form of “mob justice” on the individual

In post-Colonial times, judicial use of public humiliation punishment has largely fallen out of favor since the practice is now considered cruel and unusual punishment, which is outlawed in the United States Constitution.[2]

The pillory was a device made of a wooden or metal framework erected on a post, with holes for securing the head and hands, formerly used for punishment by public humiliation and often further physical abuse, sometimes lethal.[1] The pillory is related to the stocks.[2]

Stocks are devices used internationally, in medieval, Renaissance and colonial American times as a form of physical punishment involving public humiliation.


The story of The Scarlet Letter is a good example of how it must feel like to have your personal information posted on the internet for a crime you may not even be guilty of or a crime you committed so long ago even you can barely remember. Yet the internet displays it as if it is a current event; causing false judgments to be railed against you a new, every day. Like a scarlet letter you wear on your clothing and can not take off.

The Scarlet Letter is an 1850 romantic work of fiction in a historical setting, written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It is considered to be his magnum opus.[1] Set in 17th-century Puritan Boston, Massachusetts during the years 1642 to 1649, it tells the story of Hester Prynne, who conceives a daughter through an adulterous affair and struggles to create a new life of repentance and dignity. Throughout the book, Hawthorne explores themes of legalism, sin, and guilt.

In June 1642, in the Puritan town of Boston, a crowd gathers to witness an official punishment. A young woman, Hester Prynne, has been found guilty of adultery and must wear a scarlet A on her dress as a sign of shame. Furthermore, she must stand on the scaffold for three hours, exposed to public humiliation. As Hester approaches the scaffold, many of the women in the crowd are angered by her beauty and quiet dignity. When demanded and cajoled to name the father of her child, Hester refuses.

Hester Prynne at the stocks

an engraved illustration from

an 1878 edition.

I also compare any type of permanent registration of any person to having to wear the Star of David used by the Nazis. No one can imagine the horrors of the Jewish people and what they had to endure during the holocaust. There have got to be moments that someone who has to endure the constant humiliation of internet registration where they feel like a Jewish person having to were a Star on them as if to say they are the enemy.


A Star of David, often yellow-colored, was used by the Nazis during the Holocaust as a method of identifying Jews.


I only know of only one great organization that fights against the constant humiliation of internet registration and that is Texas Voices. If you ask me it takes people as tough as Texans to fight against such a thing.


I had the most awesome separation of church and state html that I worked tirelessly on, but alas I can not find it. I am sure it is some where in the tens of thousands of files I have saved over the past 15 years of bloging here. So I am just going to do some work and write it all over again. So use your little mouse and enjoy my free history lesson for you all.

I am not a atheist but,

I just can not get over the fact that people in authority of others still do not understand the importance of this Bill Of Right legacy of freedom, we all enjoy in our county. The Bill Of Rights and The  Constitution and the birth of this country and the foundation of that, is why we are who we are; the greatest country in the history of the world. No religion has a right to dictate to us what prayers to say or how to live our lives. That does not mean we can not worship how we want to in America. If you live in American or especially have lived here for long enough to see the beauty of it, and still do not get it, I do not know what to tell you.

This is one thing that recently reminded me politions and local authority’s still do not get it:

Louisiana just submitted a bill calling for public school students to recite the Lord’s Prayer alongside the Pledge of Allegiance.

Church and Statehouse

NOLA Defender – Apr 8, 2013

I have been fighting for this for the past 4 years and I believe it is a separation of church and state issue:

One of the main reasons I love to support the ACLU is because of separation of church and state:

This subject I learned in all those great history classes I took as a child in Connecticut:

from good old :

“The Pilgrims’ story of seeking religious freedom has become a central theme of the history and culture of the United States.”

“This made it possible to settle at a distance that allayed concerns of social, political and religious conflicts, but still provided the military and economic benefits of relative closeness to an established colony.”

The MAYFLOWER! The Mayflower, the Mayflower, the Mayflower was ponded into my brain as a child in Connecticut and should be to every child today in America. The Mayflower contained the first Americans.

“Many of the passengers were Pilgrims fleeing persistent religious persecution”

If that is not enough for you than get a old American history book and read up on it yourself. If you love America like I do than stand by separation of church and state like you would the flag.

yours in support of the Bill Of Rights and The United States Constitution the artist of the website radman_art

Compensation for wrongful convictions was raised in 2009 when Gov. Ricker Perry signed the Tim Cole act into law. Cole was a man who was wrongfully convicted of rape and died in prison while attempting to prove his innocence. (Innocence Project)

Published: Feb. 11, 2013 at 4:54 PM

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 11 (UPI) — Texas has paid $65 million in compensation to 89 wrongfully convicted and imprisoned people since 1992, updated state figures show.
The state known for holding the most executions is also the most generous in compensating those wrongfully convicted, the Austin American-Statesman said Monday.
Under a 2009 law, some of the exonerated will receive $80,000 per year for the rest of their lives and are eligible for the same health insurance as employees of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the newspaper said.
Statistics compiled by the privately funded Innocence Project note 26 states and the District of Columbia offer compensation to the wrongfully convicted, but pay less than does Texas.
Vermont offers one-time payments of $30,000 to $60,000 for each year of incarceration, while Wisconsin pays a single, lump-sum payment of $25,000, a Bloomberg Businessweek report said.

Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2013/02/11/Texas-generous-in-wrongful-convictions/UPI-11451360619686/#ixzz2KgWZxlnA

        Pledge – Military Survivors of Sexual Assault Deserve Justice

           Click here to Sign our pledge and help fight to bring justice to these survivors.

Under current military rules, survivors of sexual assault must turn to the chain of command to secure justice. These commanders do not have the legal expertise to make such critical decisions as whether or not to pursue and punish sex offenders. For a more just system that will engender confidence in victims and deter offenders, serious circumstances like sexual assault should be handled by experts outside the chain of command.

I pledge to help bring justice to survivors of sexual assault in the military. 

Click here to Sign our pledge and help fight to bring justice to these survivors.

Also check out this blog I wrote for more info on sex offences: Click Here


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